Syomirizwa Gupta has always been a brand that celebrates stories from all over the world be it about heritage or popular cultures from the past or present.  
Amidst the various challenges that us Malaysians have face recently, Mr Syomir is bringing us the spirit of celebration of life and friendship by having our neighbourhood Bangsar with its history and people as the main inspiration for this year's Hari Raya 2020 Ready to wear collection which is simply titled "The Bangsar Girls". This collection comprises of 18 colourful designs  rich in variety of prints, sizes and silhouettes.  
This collection is divided into three categories, "the Oriental Madams", " the Urban Spices" and "the Expats Wives" that uses fabrics made from cotton and breathable rayon to blended crepe and printed chiffons.  
Prints and colours were also inspired by the interior of the cafes within the Bangsar neighbourhood, the individual characteristics of its streets, the lines of the surrounding architecture, colours of various people and food, and the energy one gets from the celebration of lively events here.  
With the release of our Raya 2020 collection, we hope to unite Malaysians as one country standing strong, rich in culture and history

Raya 2020

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